• Gain Instant Nervousness Relief before giving a presentation, asking for a raise, participating in a sporting event, leading a team, having a difficult conversation, or any other activity that would make you nervous.
  • Learn the vibrational breakdown of emotions and their frequencies so you can navigate and tune in to the emotional frequency you prefer.
  • Understand how different emotions effect your overall vibration and the interrelationship between the two.
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Recently I became very nervous and anxious about having enough funds to pay my bills. So I stated out loud that I needed something to stop worrying about it because everything always works out for my greatest and highest good! So as I woke up early this morning, I looked at my phone (which I normally don't do) and I saw your Nervousness Activation Download. I immediately opened and listened to it. The result... I feel so peaceful inside and out. My nervousness is gone! Thank you sooo much!